Darts Equipment List 101: What You Need to Know

You would love to play darts and want to learn more about this game?

You are wondering how to play darts like a professional?

Or just some curiosities about what darts are made from, their history, how many parts a dart contains, or how you can make it works?

Then we might have the answer for you here.

Let’s get started with simple steps.

Dart Equipment

The first thing we should get to know is darts.

The composition of the darts game is quite complex, requiring different parts of the body to work together smoothly to create the best throw.

Each person has different requirements for darts, so the most important thing is that you should learn about them to find the right one for you.

For more resources on this article, see our guide to the best dartboard types, as well as our review of the best dartboard.

If you are looking for something unique and more convenient then you can look at the electronic dartboard.

In the early days, darts were made from arrow stems or crossbow bolts, then, made of solid woods, covered with a layer of lead, the tail is splitting turkey feathers.

Nowadays, darts are mostly made out of metals.


Before learning about each part of a dart, you should know about the standard weight of the dart to choose exactly what you need. The weight of a dart is directly affected by how well that dart flies.

This may seem a bit contrary, but the heavier the weight, the dart will easily grip the board, the flight is stable and not be deviated by the wind.

A dart is usually weighed from 12 to 50 grams.

However, the 30 grams one or more is rarely used, people mostly use the 20-25 grams. Modern darts have 4 main parts: points, barrels, shafts, and flight.

darts equipment

The Point/Tip

The point/tip is usually 32-41 mm long and sometimes knurled or coated to improve the grip of the dart. This is the part that keeps the darts flying in the right direction.

For the dart head, we should find out about the materials and length.

1. Materials

This part is made of many different ingredients.

The cheapest and most used material is plastic/nylon, therefore this shaft is quite fragile, mostly because of crashing into hardboards or being hit by other darts.

This type of dart head should only be used when playing at home or at big parties for saving expenses purposes.

Meanwhile, aluminum shafts are more durable and solid than plastic ones. But they are easy to bend and the weight of it can affect your pitch. Another problem is that it is quite easy to slip out of the dart tank that you should use a rubber-o-ring to hold them tighter.

soft tip vs steel tip darts

The best material on the market now that many professional players use is the one made from tungsten. Tungsten has high strength, good bearing capacity, and dense metal to make the throw more precisely. The price of this type ranges from $25-$70 for a set of 3.

2. Length

Remember two things:

– The longer the dart head is the easier to play and throw to the board. For newbies, we recommend this one.

– The short dart head helps to reduce the weight of the dart but also requires stronger and more technical throwing skills.


This is considered the most important part, deciding the focus of the dart. Take your time and carefully review this part of the dart when you shop.

The barrels are made of two main materials: copper and tungsten. For beginners, we recommend the copper one. This type is lighter and cheaper to buy or try. Otherwise, we recommend the one made from tungsten.

barrel materials

Copper dart barrels are thicker, so for those with large hands or just starting to play, it will be easier, giving you a better firm on your throw path.

The barrel made of nickel and tungsten alloys is thinner, but stronger and heavier than brass. When you want to play professionally or want to easily score in small areas like bull-eye, a slim barrel is a better option. Containers that are too thick will cause your darts to fall off the board. Therefore, darts made of tungsten are better than those made from copper.


length of flight darts

The Darts axis is the part to adjust the length and overall weight of darts.

The longer the shaft part, the more stable the dart is when thrown, you can throw darts easily without using too many forces, while the short shaft requires more effort when throwing.

The shaft can be made of plastic or aluminum.


This is the part that helps stabilize the darts while throwing. Flights come in many sizes and shapes. You can choose the type that suits you based on the 2 following criteria:

1. Shape

shape of flight

  • The larger flight shape makes the throw path easier and more stable, this type is suitable for beginners. The downside of this type is it can be affected by the resistance of the air, easily dropped midway.
  • In contrast, the small shape is suitable for players of average level or higher. This type requires players to have stronger and more technical throwing skills. This is also the type of professional players choose to use to get the best results.

2. Texture

The flight has two textures: smooth and dimples. Flight dimples are slower and flight smooths are faster. Apply the same use as above, a standard dimple flight will be the slowest and a smooth flight will be the fastest.

Dart Boards


To practice or play the game, you need a good dartboard. There are many criteria to choose which one is good. For beginners, we suggest you choose a feather board (or salu board) with tightly knitted and dyed yarns. These are the most classic and easy to use.

There is also an electronic dart board made from metals such as stainless steel, which is more modern and common in the new technology world, and are often used at bars or families to entertain young people.

However, if you use steel dart heads, you should have an extra grinder. Frequently used will cause scratches or wear on the dart head that damages your dartboard and makes it harder to grip.

A good grinding machine will help create sharp and circular points, and throwing through the board will not damage the fibers.

Compare to steel dartboards, soft dartboards are easier to clean. You just need to clean after each game and make sure not to step on or put anything on top of them.

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